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About e bo

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Photo courtesy Nicole Buret
e bo
Photo courtesy Jeff Vanuga

My name is eric bosch, I am the owner (together with j bo) and principal photographer of e bo pho to. In addition to earning a living from photography, I also get tremendous personal satisfaction from photography as:

  • it exposes me to an incredibly diverse and talented group of people,
  • it presents me with an ever-changing palette of artistic and technical challenges,
  • it visually archives where I've been, things I've experienced, and how I've developed as a photographer and a person,
  • a special photo, taken at the right moment, can be rewarding for years and years to come,
  • visualizing a concept or image and then creating it through the camera brings tremendous satisfaction,
  • and, the list of reasons is endless ...

Practicing photography on a personal level, I like to create photographs for a variety of reasons:

  • training - improvement benefits from education followed by constant repetition,
  • testing new equipment and new techniques,
  • lots of random things catch my attention, and some deserve to be recorded.

And as you can see from the photos, my green MEC jacket is the preferred all-season, all-weather outerwear!


e bo in Tanzania
Photo courtesy Alf Mitchell
e bo
Photo courtesy Rosanne Bruegmann